I am I

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Who am I?

This is THE Great Existential Question of man.

Great Spiritual Masters and Sacred Scripture tell us:

Koham? Soham.

Who am I? I am He.

Some put it differently. They say:

Who am I? I am I.

As simple as that!!!

But it is simple only from an intellectual appreciation, thinking ‘head’ point of view. To REALLY UNDERSTAND IT one has to understand from the ‘feeling’ heart, from the ‘feeling’ depth of one’s being, in the unchanging still awareness of our ‘feeling’ existence.

In fact, if the understanding is only intellectual then it can be viewed as a ridiculous statement and dismissed out-of-hand as something meant only for idiots & fools who are blinded by their beliefs. The ultimate answer to existence then can get grotesquely misunderstood.

The ‘feeling’ heart understanding may take months and years and decades and even multiple lifetimes, they say! Taming Desire in general and Lust in particular (Kaama), Anger (Krodha), Greed (Lobha), Infatuation (Moha), Pride (Madha) & Jealousy (Maathsarya) comes first. That ensures a calm beingness, a nearly thoughtless but ‘feelingful’ / ‘beingful’ state which allows one to unravel and disentangle the Body-Mind-Ego Delusion from one’s existential reality. Then and then alone comes REAL UNDERSTANDING, they say.

That, they say, is the spiritual journey to the reality of not only one’s existence but that of ALL EXISTENCE which is projected from the depths of our own being. They vehemently say, contemptuous of the ignorant and dismissive disbelief of most materialists and most material scientists, that this ultimate existential reality IS NOT OUTSIDE US in the outer/sensory material universe but within the depths of our own being. And the time taken for this journey to our spiritual center, they say, varies widely from person to person.

And some Great Masters say that at the very depth of our being we are Pure Love!!! That’s it, they say. Nothing else exists but Pure Love. And to reach that understanding, that existential experience, that enlightenment, they say, take the path of Service (Seva) with Pure Love (Nirmal / Nishkaam Prema).

Faith in these sacred statements goes a long way in unraveling the Great Illusion (Maha Maya) that we are trapped in. The other great virtue is Patience – Patience of a tall order – Patience of months and years and even lifetimes. Shraddha and Saburi i.e. Faith and Patience, they say, can lead one to the goal of direct experience of existential reality (Atma Saakshaatkaar).

They say, Practise Pure Love as much as you can to experience your existential truth, your SACRED REALITY as PURE LOVE.  As simple as that!!! From Outer Expression of Pure Love to Inner Experience of Divine Love.

Some time ago I heard some group sing,

“Love is the answer; Now, what was the question?”

What a Mahavaakya (Great pithy statement)! Perhaps it is at the level of the Great Upanishadic Mahavaakyas like Thath Thwam Asi (You are That).


5 thoughts on “I am I

  1. I thought you would like this thought :

    We are not human beings on a spiritual journey, rather spiritual beings on a worldly journey (samsara)! 🙂

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