Last updated on 11th April 2018

I (author of this blog) am just a spiritual journeyman enjoying my spiritual journey.

I thought I could share some of my spiritual journey views with interested folks on the net and so this small website and blog.

Initially (till sometime around the beginning of 2014) I preferred to be anonymous as I thought that would allow for freer expression of sensitive views. I guess now I am comfortable with expressing the views of the type expressed here under my real name.

My name is Ravi S. Iyer and I am a blogger/social media writer on spirituality and religion. I am a Physics graduate from Ruia college, University of Bombay (Mumbai), and a retired international software consultant, living in Puttaparthi, Andhra Pradesh, India.

My spirituality and religion blogs

1) This blog, https://iami1.wordpress.com, is a humble exploration of and views on the God & Science conversation (done after August 2011), and little more. When teachings of religions or miracles mentioned in Holy Scripture are referred, as far as I recall, no mention is made of any contemporary or near-contemporary religious leader/founder – the attempt is to emphasize spiritual teachings/paths/philosophy/knowledge which may be viewed as universal though the Hindu way of expressing them is used. It must also be mentioned that a few posts are specific to Hinduism.

2) http://ravisiyer.blogspot.com is a blog about Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and other spiritual & religious matters.

For more about me including my software related blogs please visit: http://ravisiyer.blogspot.in/p/about-ravi-s-iyer.html.

Site created in September 2011

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