God and Science – Table of Contents

Last Updated On Apr. 9th 2018


Crisp Statements of Belief in God that is Compatible with Science

One can be a Rigorous Scientist and a Believer in God – Dr. Francis Collins

Francis Collins – The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence of Belief, Caltech. 2009 – Transcript

God vs. Science, TIME, Nov. 2006, Dr. Collins – a standard bearer for scientists who believe in God

Burden of Proof Argument for Existence of God


Does Presence of Pain and Suffering Imply That There is No God?

Some Famous Scientists’ Views on God and Limits of Science

Is Believing in a Personal God Childish?

Praying Openly While Doing a PhD


Sam Harris vs. Reza Aslan – 2007 Debate on Religion and Reason – Part-transcript

There is no God and Dirac is His prophet – Wolfgang Pauli

Deepak Chopra’s One Million Dollar Challenge to the Skeptics to explain the hard problem of consciousness

“The God Delusion”. What Does it Really Mean?

Ignorant Prof. Dawkins Declares to CNN that on Death, It Just Ends!

Wrong Science Being Taught in Some Faith Schools


Conversation on ‘secular parenting’ & religion between USA scientist & Indian technologist

Why I shy away from comparisons between Physics theories like Higgs field and deep spiritual philosophy like Vedanta?


Has Science Refuted Religion Debate

Non-Scientific Knowledge Detection Kit – not Baloney Detection Kit!

Fantastic Espousal of the Good of Religion by Honourable Mr. Tony Blair in Nov. 2010 Debate


All Posts of God and Science Category in Chronological Order


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